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Furnace Inspections & Maintenance

Ensure Safety & Peak Performance with our $89 Furnace Inspection

Our 20-point Furnace Safety Inspection will help keep your family safe and warm. It includes:

  • Thermostat Functionality Check
  • Pressure & Safety Switch Checks
  • Electrical components Check
  • Inspecting your ductwork & your drain system
  • Testing your Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector
  • and MORE…

Act now to get the deal & protect your family!

Top Reasons for Furnace Inspections

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prolong the life of your furnace

Inspecting your furnace provides the opportunity to prevent potential breakdowns. 


Regular maintenance helps insure those breakdowns don’t happen when you need your furnace the most. 

Prevent Carbon Monoxide leaks

Carbon Monoxide can be incredibly dangerous, especially if it’s leaking into your home. 

Schedule an inspection to be sure your family is safe. Not knowing about this kind of leak can be DEADLY.

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Increase Efficiency

No one wants to work harder than necessary, and that includes your furnace. Regular maintenance helps keep your furnace in tip top shape. 

Ready to see how well your furnace is performing?! Get it inspected today.


Inspections don't actually do anything... and maintenance is a waste of money.

That’s what people say…until their system breaks down in the middle of winter. And most people see them as a way for HVAC companies to just make a few extra bucks. 


Inspections cost us more than you pay...but save you more than you think. This is personal to us.

When it comes to HVAC and Furnace Inspections, we’re not making a profit to do them. In fact, we offer them at a loss because they’re incredibly important. And when it comes to making sure that your furnace is functioning without leaks, you shouldn’t wait to find that out the hard way.

On a personal note, we have good friends who recently experienced the impact of a Carbon Monoxide leak from their furnace. It has completely turned their world upside-down, their family is still dealing with the physical and mental effects. While we provide inspections and ask for payment, we really just want to prevent the terrible impacts of what those kinds of leaks can do. 

See what customers say about our Home Service Nerds

Great service. Outstanding professional technician with no hesitation to answer any questions. Would highly recommend.

I would recommend these guys to everyone!! They did amazing work! They are hardworking and professional. Thank you Home Service Nerds!!

They promptly recognized the issue plaguing our heating system and delivered a flawlessly executed repair service for our furnace. I was thrilled with the exceptional level of service provided, which left no room for any complications. It became quite evident to me why they hold the top position as the most highly regarded HVAC contractor.

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Regular Furnace Maintenance

Join the Comfort CLub & Save!

Our Premium Comfort Club Membership includes:

  • TWO annual maintenance visits; one heating visit & 1 cooling visit
  • System checkup with a Report Card
  • Review of the Report Card & it’s indications with the homeowner
  • Review of any recommendations
  • 10% off of Service Work
  • 5% off system replacement
  • Priority Service
  • 50% trip fee for other service requests

Join the club and save on annual maintenance and repairs!

Still have questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you have. Give us a call.

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